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“Moving to another country is a much more complicated process than I thought. Personally, I had many things that connect me to my beautiful country, the Dominican Republic: family, friends, my work, food, music, beaches and many other things, big and small.

When I arrived in Brașov, Romania, 4 years ago, I did not speak the language, the food was completely different, the music and the atmosphere the same, but most importantly I missed my family, friends and colleagues.

For a few months I felt sad and isolated. These were difficult times, but the difficulties make you stronger. Thanks to the help of my husband and the spirits sent to me from home, I started studying and the Immigration Office informed me about the Migrant Integration Centre. I introduced myself there and I started to integrate and study the Romanian language with teacher Anca Artenie, thanks to the support of the centre’s coordinator, Astrid Hamberger. I also took private lessons to speed up and personalize the process.

The best thing in Romania and I say this with great joy, are the Romanian people (as everywhere, wherever you go there will be people who hate, people who are bad but also good, friendly people, etc.) But in my experience, I have met wonderful people, who invaded me with curious questions about my culture (which I am proud of), I invite them to eat what I cook, to taste dishes different from theirs. I met beautiful beings who offered me a helping hand, I occasionally found ladies on the street who offered me a flower, making my day very happy. At work, all my colleagues are wonderful people.

Now, the adapting process includes participating with my friends in social gatherings, helping each other when we have a problem or even difficult questions for which we search for answers. During the Christmas holidays (as well as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries) we try to do something together and to include the new members of our family, the Romanians.

Now I really feel at home in Romania. I am privileged to have two countries to which I belong, Romania and the Dominican Republic.”


Modesta Peralta Sosa-Misica

”The Migrant Integration Center is a good center with people very willing to help and
provide opportunities for the integration of foreigners to Romanian culture”, Walter

German, Columbia

“Nice opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, to learn the Romanian language, to participate in different kinds of activities. It is a place where you are always welcomed!”

Halina Torap

“It’s a warm and enjoyable place where I felt welcome and where I look forward to going back. This is a place where you teach others meanwhile you yourself learn from them! The nicest people.”

Ștefania Păun, student, Romanian language volunteer teacher

“Integration was not difficult because there is no racism.”

Eymi Cordova



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