Information and Counseling

Information and Counseling


Our center provides free information and counseling services for all types of foreigners living in Romania:

– Persons from outside the European Union (third-country nationals coming for family reunification, education, volunteering, work, religious activities, other purposes)

– Applicants and refugees

– Citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and the Swiss Confederation

We offer counseling on:

–  the right to stay in Romania (obtaining and extending the right of residence, obtaining Romanian citizenship.)

– access to education (recognition of studies, enrollment of children in kindergarten/school, access to higher education, etc.)

– access to health services and social insurance (enrollment with a family doctor/GP, health insurance, co-insurance, etc.)

– access to the labor market (information on job vacancies and collaboration with employers depending on the foreigner’s  professional profile.)

– legal information (obtaining citizenship, travel to the EU, divorce, family reunification, etc.)

– other types of information depending on the foreigner’s personal situation.



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