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The Migrant Integration Centre in Brașov was legally founded in 2012, as part of The Romanian Association for Promoting Quality and Successful Practices (ARPCPS).


The Migrant Integration Center in Brasov created under our NGO, offers integration services for the migrants and refugees in Brasov and advocates for their fundamental rights to start rebuilding their lives.


Regaining the migrants and refugees dignity and respect for cultural diversity.



We respect and believe in the dignity and potential of all human beings. We campaign for equal rights guaranteed by conventions and laws and seek to combat discrimination in any form.

Integrity, independence and neutrality

We respect social, ethical and organizational norms and adhere to the code of conduct. We work for migrants and remain neutral in the face of partisanship of any kind.


We work in a setting of respect and collaboration with our beneficiaries with the aim of empowering them and becoming independent.

Honesty and transparency

We aim to have honest and transparent collaborations with beneficiaries, donors, partners and other stakeholders.


Accomplishing organizational goals with full commitment to our duties and responsibilities.




Services and Activities

Community Center

Support activities for Migrants living in Brasov

Our Center provides free information and counseling sessions for refugees and other migrants from NON-EU, EU and SEE countries.

Our center has been organizing Romanian language courses since 2011. Overtime, approximately 400 foreigners have participated in a Romanian language course organized by our Center.

All the activities within the Migrant Integration Center Brasov aim to familiarize the migrants with Romanian traditions and culture, but at the same time to familiarize the Romanian community with the cultural diversity of the city.

The integration program is dedicated to refugees and it contains a more complex set of integration measures.

The integration program is also dedicated to other migrants from NON-EU countries.

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Member Countries

The target group of our center is the group of NON-EU migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, citizens of EU and SEE countries and Switzerland. The countries where they come from are very diverse. The numbers below represent the number of their origin country.

Middle east






Residency status

Family members and family members of a Romanian national (foreign husband or wife, minor children, grandparents).

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Migrant workers


Foreign students

Migrants as volunteers

Other types of migrants


What Others Are Saying About Us

I recommend this organization.

“It is an organization for foreigners residing in Brasov and nearby cities with the purpose of supporting activities related to people, social development projects, and good intercultural relations in Romania. From personal experience, I recommend this organization for their dedication and the work they do daily.”

Guillermo V. Zurita, Ecuador

“A center of real use”

“A friendly place, with people involved in what they do, a center of real benefit to those who want to be part of Brasov, a place to meet new and old friends”

Anca Florescu-Bratei, Brașov, Romania


“A very unique experience“

“It’s a principle of efficiency and effectiveness, a collective approach to accomplishing a task, teamwork, friendship, unity, and a very unique experience in togetherness. I applaud this center and consider it outstanding in all aspects.”

Victor Onyekwere, Nigeria



“A very positive place for international to meet Romania in Brasov”

Bryan Lee Davidson Tirca, USA 



9:00am – 5:00pm





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