Redirect 3.5% of your income tax to the Migrant Integration Center Brasov
Until 15 of May of every year you can redirect 3,5% of your annual income tax to a nongovernmental organization in Romania.

If you are working in Romania, get a pension or receive other taxable income, you automatically pay taxes to the Romanian state.
The Romanian Government has a yearly program which allows people to donate 3,5% of the income tax to non-governmental organizations (3,5 din impozit – in Romanian). If you choose not to redirect this percent to any NGO, it’s no problem; the state will receive this money.
Our Center is also collecting these donations.
1. You let us know if you want to donate to our Center and we will help you with the procedures.
2. You can fill in your information here and send the form in Pdf to my e-mail:
REMEMBER: You can donate to any other NGO that suits your interests (animal shelters, elderly homes, youth NGOs, children homes, etc.). Just get in touch with them.